Thursday, September 10, 2009

Double Time Stamping

I wanted to share some very exciting news with you! I was asked to be a guest speaker at our local new comers group. I was able to share what I love with about 50 women! And it seems that the women really enjoyed my demonstration. It was a bit difficult for me to go that far out of my comfort zone and stand in front of so many people but many of the ladies came up to me afterwards and said how well I had done and how much they enjoyed my presentation. Several even gave me their names and phone numbers to call them! How exciting is that for someone who is trying to build a business! So this is what I shared with the ladies. It is a double time stamped portfolio and six cards/envelopes to go in it. So fast and easy and fun. I hope to do a video on this soon so be watching for that! Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Until next time,