Monday, January 10, 2011

Mmmm Apple pie!

So, we are all snowed in here in South Carolina! I was talking to my sister and she mentioned something about making an apple pie for her family. And didn't that make my mouth water! But since we ARE snowed in, I had no way to get to her house for a piece. Next best thing.... make one myself! I had a big bowl of juicy apples on the counter top so I figured, what the heck...
What does this have to do with stamping you ask... well, for club this month, our card theme was to make a recipe card.
Have you ever made something for someone and they ask you for the recipe? Well, with a card like this, you can give them the food gift and a recipe AND a card all in one!

For this card, I used the perforating tool from Stampin Up! and preforated where the card is folded. This way, once you give the card, they can tear it along the perforation and save the recipe!
What you cant see in this picture is that I used the tiniest pearls (stampin up as well) on several of the branches. They really do add a touch of class to the card. I also added two of the larger pearls to the ribbon .

Unfortunately, you cant see the inside of the card very well, but I wanted to give you an idea of what I did on the inside.
Ideally, if I had made this pie to give as a gift, I would have written the recipe here and given the card with the pie.

And finally, just a little share of the pie its self. It was very yummy! Sorry that I can only share pictures of the pie with you!

Until next time....

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