Friday, July 1, 2011

It's LIVE!!!

Wait till you see what is between the covers of this new catalog!! There are some really great things in here and also a few changes to mention!

The biggest change is the Hostess benefits. There are no longer Hostess levels. Only hostess money! Hostess money can be spent anywhere in the catalog! There are still Hostess only items that are only available to the Hostess but you don't have to buy them with your Hostess money if you chose not to! Please call or email me for further explanation of the benefits or if you need to purchase a catalog, I can help you with that as well! You will not be disappointed with the new catalog/idea book!

Also, instead of five in colors, there will now be TEN. Five from last year and five new ones. Next year, the original five will go away and there will be five NEW in colors. So there will always be ten in colors.

There's lots of new and exciting items in the catalog so if you haven't already purchased one, call or email me today! I will be happy to help you out!

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