Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines monkey!
It seems that just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and now all of a sudden, we are making Valentines cards. When I was younger, people used to tell me how fast time would go by when I had kids. Of course, I didn't believe them... but as I now have a 16 and almost 14 year old I am starting to realize that time really does fly!
Anyway, my mother in law came over today with a print out of a card she found online. She asked me to help her make it for her newest grandchild. As it happens, the monkey on the original card was female with lots of pink and bows. Since her newest grandchild is a boy, we tweaked the card a bit and made our monkey a boy! He turned out really cute.
Now for the lesson that this card teaches... Always make sure to clean your stamps well when you are finished using them! Otherwise, you may end up with a two toned image like this heart here. Evidently when I finished making my valentines treats last week, I didn't clean my stamp as good as I thought I did and it still had a bit of pink ink on it. THIS time, it actually worked out ok. lol
As a side note, this monkey was created using all Stampin' Up! Circle, oval and heart punches! Enjoy!
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