Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Terminal

As much fun as I had at convention this year, one of the things I will remember for a very long time was my trip home! Of course, I was exhausted from four days full of convention and sight seeing activities. I had been up since 6 am and had been on a 5 hour tour of Salt Lake City. My flight home was supposed to be at 4:50.  My room mate and I decided to take the shuttle to the airport a little early.. so we had been at the air port since 2 pm. My room mate and I went our separate ways. Shortly before my flight was to take off, the air line attendant called me to the desk and told me that my flight had been cancelled. I had two options. One, I could fly to Chicago be put in a hotel and take a flight to Charlotte at 6 am. Or I could take a flight from SLC to Charlotte at 11:59.  When I heard my choices, I just started crying. LOL I was so tired and ready to go home and now I was "alone" and stuck in an airport. I wondered around the entire air port looking for things to do. I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie "the terminal". lol  I was reunited with my room mate for a short time as her flight was delayed due to weather conditions at home. She left and I was alone again. More wandering around the air port and then finally, I saw another demonstrator and struck up a conversation. She said she and a few others were going to be on the same late flight that I was and that they were getting something to eat and I was welcome to join them. On my way to the restaurant, I noticed another demo standing by herself and I invited her to join us. Well, who could imagine how much fun you can have with total strangers in an airport so far from home! We laughed and cut up for hours! We shared our swap cards and even attracted other people who were not even stampers! lol Shortly before we were to leave, we got notification that our flight was.... yeap, you guessed it... DELAYED! lol  and then once again, delayed!  But we didn't care! we were having such a great time together!!!
Finally, our flight took off around 2 am.. yes, that's right... 12 hours in the air port!
I will be forever grateful for meeting my new friends!
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