Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Featured artist of the week

Im sorry that the Featured Artist is late one day.

But I think that you will agree with me when I say

it was worth the wait!

I would like to introduce you to Chris Austin.
She is my featured artist for this week.
Please read more about her below and
visit her Blog to see more of her art work!
Hello everyone. Thanks so much, Shelly, for allowing and picking me to be your featured artist this week. It is my privilege to be able to do this for you. I pray you have already received lots of rewards for doing this for everyone you have chosen thus far.

I am Chris Austin. I live in Akron, Ohio, of which, I have lived here all of my life. When it comes to weather related things, this state is a fairly safe place to live. I have been happily married to David for 24 years. We have 2 grown daughters. The oldest is married, lives in Wyoming, and expecting her first baby, my first grandchild, during the middle of August. Our youngest daughter is now engaged and looking at getting married possibly late summer next year.

Currently, I am not employed outside of the home. I am one of those that knows I should get a job, but I so like being at home. I am playing with the idea though. Pray for me! I have been with Stampin' Up! for over a year now. I love doing this job. I just love being able to create. I am currently on the Diva Coffee Break Designs team, which has and is a lot of fun. It also motivates me to create something every week, which I needed. I can honestly say there was a time I thought I had no talents. Until I had my first child, I never knew I liked crafts. Since then, I have found there are lots of crafts I enjoy doing. Stamping is so much fun. You just never know what creation you will come up with next. I am a create as you go along type of person. The other thing I really enjoy doing is teaching children about the Lord. I teach 2nd and 3rd graders Wednesday evenings at church and just this past Sunday I also started teaching 3rd grade girls and boys too.

Enough about me. I hope you are inspired to make something for yourself now. If you have never stamped, try it, you may find you like it or maybe even love it!

Thanks so much, Shelly,


  1. Congratulations, Chris!! Well deserved!

  2. Ditto! and what a beautiful card to share!