Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Girls Birthday Party

Remember I said that I was going to do a birthday party for a group of 10 year old girls? Well here are some pictures of that party! The girls were having way too much fun before I got there! They were all made up with eyeshadow and glitter! How fun to be a 10 year old girl again!

Anyway, back to the projects. The girls seemed to have a good time making the projects and didn't have any trouble with the difficulty level! They sure were impressed by the heat embossing though... but what can I say, I still enjoy watching the "magic" of the powder changing. lol

Enjoy the pictures and be watching for some new projects coming in the next couple of days! I'm off to stamp now and so you should also GO GET YOUR FINGERS INKY!


  1. That was an amazing party for the little girls.. They did a great job in doing their projects.. Really Amazing..

  2. What a great time for them. You really did a good thing here! Fun, too!!