Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Video

Good Morning stamping friends!
I can't wait to show you the new unmounted stamps that Stampin' Up! is now carrying.
I have never been a fan of unmounted stamps but I am very excited about our new line of stamps. The cases they come in are so streamlined. This is going to make storing them so much easier! They are going to take up much less space... ooooooh, that means we can buy MORE stamps! lol
This is just a short video showing you how to adhere the stickers to the backs of t he unmounted stamps. I hope you enjoy it and be be watching for another video real soon!
Until then,
Go get your fingers inky!


  1. Nice video. Thanks!

    Judy jackson

    judystamper at verizon dot net

  2. Thanks - I always like to see how others do things. I like your method. I was just peeling the whole sticker off and then removing the backing. It looks like this might work better to line up the image with the sticker! I could hear you fine and you were very clear, but your image did get out of the camera occasionally - but not enough to make a difference - thanks!

  3. Wish I had seen this before I did mine... Thanks!!!

  4. I mounted my first sets another way and your way is so much better. Now I can do my new order a lot easier. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Excellent video Shelly! I appreciate you taking the time to help us mount our new stamps!
    Lorraine Castellon-Rowe