Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stamp Till You Cramp!

Every once in a while, two or three times a year, I have what I call a Stamp till you cramp or STUC!

Yesterday was my latest STUC! We had a great time and I thought I would share a little bit of that with you.

I always try to make name tags for all the ladies that coordinate with the project we are doing for the day.

The main stamp set that I chose to use this time was the Vintage Vogue from the occasions mini catalog. Which I am happy to say, Stampin' Up! has decided to carry this set over. I love using this set. It is very versatile!

Here is an up close look at one of the name tags! Lots of flower for this STUC! As you will see later when I show you the actual projects. I heard through the grape vine that people were getting hand cramps from all the flowers they had to cut out. LOL Sorry ladies!

These are the thank you gifts that I made for my guests! They are divided into three sections on the inside and are filled with Chocolates and hard candies! Aren't they just the cutest little boxes!

Now onto the projects~

Normally, I will scour the Internet looking for ideas for projects to make with my girls. But this time, I found the inspiration I needed on my very own kitchen counter.

One day I was bringing the mail in... which consisted mainly of bills... boo hiss!

As I was putting them into the bill holder on the counter, I started looking at the divided organizer and I thought to myself... I could make one of these! And I could fill it with FUN things instead of bills!

So I got my paper out and started playing around with dimensions and came up with this divided organizer or Desk top stationary caddy.

Inside, it has three different compartments. In the front, I put three 3x3 mini cards and a covered post it note holder. In the back compartment, I added three more standard size cards but all three had different folds. Then I decorated the front of the caddy to match the cards that were on the inside! To make the standard size cards, I had the girls do a one sheet wonder and cut it apart. This set really does make some pretty cards!

This is just a quick picture showing how I set up the stamping station. All the goodies laid out nice and neat. HAHAHA! It doesn't stay that way for long though! Kinda like my stamping area at home! Starts out nice and neat but sure doesn't stay that way!

See, I told you! lol
This is Lucille and Leeann. Both are very involved in the project!


  1. Love the caddy...and I love how you set up a nice neat table...>>yes.. can relate to that...have seen my stampers make a mess really quick!!TFS

  2. What an awesome idea!! Love it!