Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stamp Till You Cramp!

Well, It was time for a Christmas Stamp till you cramp and that is exactly what happened!
Do these three gals look happy? Well of course they do! And why? you might ask.... well because they are holding up their first ever completed cards! That's right! I had three stampin newbies at my stamp till you cramp! And they all did wonderful! Way to go girls!

More smiling faces! Rose, Cheryl and Yulia join me for a quick picture and then it was right back to work for them! I am a task master I tell you! No time for fun and games at my events! Just kidding... look at those smiles! Beautiful inside and out!

A quick lunch break! Some home made veggie soup was just what the stamping doctor ordered. Looks like some pretty serious conversation doesn't it?!

Now, how did you do that again? Wendy, Priscilla, Kim and Crickett sure are looking at something pretty intensely!

Ahhhhh, my girls Deidre and Michelle! Deirdre brought me a pair of those antlers with bells on... every time I talked or moved my head I could hear ringing in my ears. I took the antlers off, but I could still hear the ringing.... hmmmmm lol

Edwina's turn to show everyone a little something. As you can see, Donna is paying close attention. NOT! LOL

Lucille and Rhonda, these two were hard at work and barely came up for air!

Kim and Crickett studying those directions and doing an excellent job! You would never know that they are new stampers!

I hope everyone had as much fun at the stamp till you cramp as I did! I'm looking forward to the next one! I hope you are too!
Until next time,

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