Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last two

I thought that I only had one more card that I made with this set but it turns out I had two. So, instead of going back on my word...I decided to post them both in one blog post.
This is just a light and simply card that can be used for really any occasion. I sponged some blue around the top of the image and some green around the bottom. This just anchors the image so that its not just floating out there in space.

I wanted to show you a little bit of the detail that I added. Normally, I would just add several pearls all the same size but I thought it would be a nice little twist to put two sizes together.

And don't forget to decorate the inside of the card as well.

And this is the final card in the series... I'm not saying that I wont ever post another card using this set cause I'm SURE I will. lol But for now... this is the last one. I don't know what it is about this tree that is so appealing to me. I was in a craft store the other day with some friends and every stamp that I picked up consisted of branches that were similar to this tree. Who knows

And again, give the inside of your card a little bit of attention too. No one likes a naked card! LOL

Ok friends, until next time....

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