Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Artist

Congratulations to Nancy Horn for being chosen to be my Featured Artist.

Below you will find some info about Nancy and a sample of her work.

To check out more about Nancy and her projects, hop on over to her blog and take a look around.

Hi, my name is Nancy Horn and I am so excited to be the Featured Artist this week on Shelly's blog!!! A little about me . . . I originally came from the Washington coast, about an hour north of Seattle. I am married and have 2 boys - 25 & 17 and 2 adorable granddaughters - 4 & 2 - that live with us half time. I now live in Jerome, ID., we moved here from Ontario, OR the summer of 2006 after my husband finished Dental Hygiene school and accepted a job in Sun Valley. When people ask why we moved to Jerome (since I had hoped to return to the coast), we always say The Lord sent us into the desert for a reason; we don't know why, but HE did. Then a year later my husband surrendered to the ministry in the summer of 2007, and we realized that was the reason!

My sister-in-law was one of the first SU demos in Montana, and for Christmas in 1995 she gave me my first SU stamp set (a foam mounted set) and a Spectrum pad - I was hooked! The Spring of 2000, as I approached my 20-year class reunion I began to panic that I hadn't "done" anything with my life; so I decided to go back to school for Cisco Networking. While I was in school my mother passed away and eventually I decided that I didn't want to be a network nerd anymore; I needed to be a creative again. I had inherited all of my mom's crafting supplies & over 300 craft books. Add that to what I had in my stash, from 5 years of SU workshops, I was in a crafters paradise! 5 years later, I met Judy Mahon a SU demo from Council, ID and she taught me so much. When I moved to Jerome, I told Judy I was going to have to sign up since she wasn't close enough to do classes anymore at my house (I had moved 5 hours from her). I signed up during SAB in 2007 and have been Happy Stamping in Jerome ever since.


  1. Nancy, I love your work. I'm so glad Shelly chose you to be the featured artist for this week.

    Kelly Mayou

  2. Congrats to you Nancy!!! Awesome work!