Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Sale A Brate!

So yesterday, I showed you the card and present for my friend. Well, there is more to the story!

There are five of us that get together once a month and go out for dinner. When it is a birthday month we celebrate that persons birthday. I usually make a cake and we all give gifts. So I asked my friend what kind of cake she would like. She asked me if I minded making brownies instead. I said sure! What kind? Just plain. You don't want any nuts or peanut butter or caramel? Nope, just plain. So I said... easy... I can do that! Well, later I was watching TV and was switching through the channels when I came across the food network and Paula Dean! She was making a banana split brownie. I just KNEW I had to make it! But my friend wanted a plain brownie. What to do? What to do? I know... I will make the banana split brownie AND a plain brownie! Best of both worlds! So I made a small brownie in the small bar pan from pampered chef. And then the big banana split brownie. I wrapped her small brownie in foil to keep it fresh and I got to looking at it.... it looked like a giant candy bar! lol So I thought, I have decorated regular candy bars... why not decorate this giant brownie! And that is how this brownie came to look like a candy bar. Now, I hope she doesn't mind me telling this part of the story... and I have deliberately kept her name out of the story so I wont embarrass her. But when it came time to have the brownie... I gave her the "candy bar" brownie and then opened the cake taker with the banana split brownie.. I said, the plain brownie is for you and this is for the rest of us. The look on her face was priceless! Bless her heart. lol Don't worry... I shared the brownie with her and even sent the rest of it home with her so she and her hubby could enjoy it!

Happy birthday my friend! And many more to come!
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