Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Crack Me Up!

This card is for my friend... she is such a nut! She took a picture of herself with my cell phone and put it up as my wall paper on the phone. Guess what, I don't know how to change it! lol I'm sure if I messed with it long enough, I could figure it out. So, I was sitting in line waiting to pick my son up from school and I snapped a shot of myself with the phone and sent it to her phone. I told her that I didn't want her to feel left out... I had a picture of her... I wanted her to have one of me too. lol So I thought this card would be more than appropriate for her. I used the stamp set Animal Crackers (113395) and our new luscious White Satin Ribbon (114616).

The card is cut 6x6 and folded at 2 and 3/4 inches and then I added the whisper white scallop at the bottom to make the finished card 3 1/4 x 6 inches. It will now fit in a regular postal envelope.

I hope you like it! If you are enjoying my blog, please leave a comment and let me know. I love to hear from you!




  1. You have ANIMAL CRACKERS!!
    Girl you and me are peas in a pod! I JUST GOT MINE Tuesday! lol!!!!

    I think I must play with it today!

    LOVE LOVE that card!!!

  2. So.... are you still looking at my beautiful face, or did you figure out how to get it offa there?

  3. This card is adorable!!! Now I have to get this stamp set!!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!